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I’ll have a pint and a double-double for here, please…

Coffee-flavoured beer at Timmie’s? How strange would that be? Apparently, this is one of the concepts floated at a recent convention for Tim Horton’s store owners and suppliers, according to a CTV News report. I’m sure that Tim’s coffee-flavoured beer

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Beer Between Provinces

Further amendments have been made to the federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act to allow for the movement of beer (and spirits) between provinces for personal use. The bill which amended this Act, Bill C-31, received Royal Assent on June 19,

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Longer hours for on-site stores

The AGCO has announced changes to the hours of operation permitted for on-site brewery retail stores (as well as on-site winery and distillery stores, but who really cares about wine and spirits?). As of May 26, 2013, on-site brewery retail

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